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custom guitar pick jewelry



New collection of guitar pick jewelry is born:

Classy-Pick is a vast collection of handmade guitar pick shaped jewelry in various styles with virtually unlimited personalization options.
Design: Text, quotes, pictures, patterns, textures…
Personalization: name, date, private message, initials, GPS coordinates, fingerprints…
Material: copper or nickel silver
Sides: most picks have design on the front only but it’s no problem to create two sided
Technology: etching (deep lines, various designs), stamping (sharp impression, text or symbols)
Surface: rustic oxidized, satin, polished glossy

Classy-Pick Logo


Alright, that was the “official” PR stuff. :)
Let me tell our story. My husband plays the guitar, he collects guitars, he also worked as an apprentice of a luthier and his main hobby is to repair and build guitars. He also have a blog about guitars called
I made my first guitar pick jewelry to him as a gift for our wedding and he has worn it when he played “Why worry” for me before the wedding…


My husband plays for me right before our wedding

He liked it a lot and suggested me to try to create some more in various styles. I did and posted them on social media and got many likes. I have already started my jewelry shop on Etsy, so I listed them… and my guitar pick necklaces became the top sellers!
We figured out new designs, personalization options, various finishes, experimented a lot to find the best technologies and decided to have an own brand name for the guitar jewelry.
That’s how Classy-Pick was born.

Now I offer 100+ products in my Etsy shop.

Custom designs are made to order. Production on all orders will take 5-7 business days.
Each piece is individually handmade by me. Due to the hand crafting process each Classy-Pick jewelry has its on personality and unique look. You will not find two identical  products.

You can buy them here:
AmulettaHu Classy-Pick Webshop